All Coupons: 217 coupon Available Coupons: 157 coupon is a tourism portal and mobile application where discount coupons can be used at the registered Points of acceptance (Acceptance points ) of the system if the visitor/user becomes a Subscriber by purchasing the subscription.

Acceptance points provide a discount to the Subscriber. The subscription can be accessed using a mobile phone with a discount coupon code.

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: GTC) summarize the content and terms and conditions of the contracts concluded between the Issuer ( the Subscribers and Acceptance points (Partner shops) on and Trevinfo mobile application. These provisions apply to contracts after 1 June 2019.

  1. Subscription

Subscriber may request Trevinfo's subscription online at or on the Trevinfo mobile application.

The Subscriber is obliged to verify the information provided during the application, to provide a real email address and his/hers real name so that we can contact  them  in case of a problem.

The User is able to conclude his / her subscription through the website, by which he / she declares that he / she has understood, perceives and accepts the terms of this GTC and agrees to the processing of his / her data.

The subscription is assigned to the subscriber’s name and the subscriber's mobile phone is always required to use the discount coupons. The subscription cannot be transferred to another person.

1.1. Payment of Subscription Fee

After a successful payment, the user will be a Subscriber to Trevinfo and a member of Trevinfo club. The subscription is always for one year. Before the subscription expires, you will be notified by email of the possibility of extending your subscription.

In case of online payment problem, in case of payment failure, always contact your service provider (Paypal).

  1. Contract concluded

The Agreement between the Issuer and the Subscriber (hereinafter referred to as "the Agreement"), upon registration on the website, after the completion of the subscription data, shall be paid immediately by the Subscriber and the Trevinfo Issuer. Data provision is always voluntary.

The User becomes a Subscriber at the time of confirmation of the subscription and is entitled to receive the benefits immediately from that date.

The Issuer is entitled to refuse the subscription if:

- the circumstances suggest that the Subscriber provided fake or false information,

- the Subscriber does not meet the eligibility criteria,

- the Subscriber does not pay the subscription fee.

The Issuer shall send an invoice via email to the Subscriber for the subscription fee after successful payment.

2.1. Subscription validity

The subscription is valid for the time indicated on the admin interface. After the expiration of the validity period, the subscription expires and the discounts cannot be enforced. Re-use requires re-ordering, which will be notified by email to the owner before the expiration date.

2.3. Complaint handling

In any case if a valid coupon code is displayed and the Acceptance points  refuses to apply the discount, please contact our Customer Service to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Trevinfo has no responsibility for the behaviour of the Acceptance points , the information they publish, the misinformation, the quality of the products purchased, or the services used. In the event of a product problem or guarantee and warranty issues, please contact the Acceptance points  in all cases.

Subscriber may complain to Trevinfo Customer Service if the Acceptance points  does not apply a discount on the Website ( or the Application (Trevinfo app) or does not enforce a legitimate discount. The Subscriber may report the complaint to the Issuer by post within 3 working days, and in any case must prove with the invoice / block received that the discount has not been implemented. The Issuer is obliged to investigate the legitimate complaint and contact the relevant Acceptance points .

2.4. Subscriber's rights and obligations

- Subscriber has the right to use the discounts published on the website ( or in the application

- The Subscriber is obliged to present and validate the coupons added to his / her Trevinfo subscription via his / her mobile phone to the Acceptance points 's representative.

- The Subscriber is obliged to safely store his / her username and password given during registration, not to make it available to a third party, since if several persons try to validate the coupon with the same subscription, the discount will become impossible and the coupon will expire and the subscription will be suspended and canceled because of abuse.

  1. Using a Subscription

The Subscriber becomes a Subscriber (Club Member) by paying the Subscription Fee, from which time the Subscriber's rights are valid and the Subscriber's obligations can be enforced against him.

The Subscriber acknowledges and accepts that by subscribing to the Website ( or the Application at any time, it is entitled to receive pre-determined and publicly announced discounts from the Acceptance points .

The subscription cannot be transferred to a third party, only the owner of the subscription can use it to obtain discounts at the Trevinfo Accounts.

  1. Registration of Acceptance points

After the registration on the website between the Issuer and the Company, the agreement will be concluded by accepting the terms of this GTC. The Acceptance points  declares that it has read the current General Terms and Conditions (GTC), acknowledges that it is binding on itself.

The Issuer undertakes to publish on its website ( and in the Trevinfo app,  the data sheet of the Acceptance points  within 10 working days.

The Issuer reserves the right to refuse or remove from its system the Acceptance points  of false information, inappropriate behavior in the course of the Club Members' discounting, or in an unjustified refusal to accept the subscription and refuse the discount. The Issuer reserves the right to change the Acceptance points . In all cases, the actual and valid Acceptance points  can be found on the website ( or in the application.

Acceptance points  have the opportunity to buy and affix “Trevinfo Acceptance” stickers to the entrance of their shop / company location, well visible to customers.

Validation of the fixed discount provided by the Acceptance points  takes place on the data sheet of the Acceptance points  as described in the more detailed description of the coupon.

Acceptance agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time and cannot be modified unilaterally. If the acceptance point does not wish to remain a partner with the Trevinfo system, it may indicate it to the Issuer in writing by post.

In the event of a breach of contract, the Issuer terminates the Partner Agreement with the Acceptance points  with immediate effect and deletes it from the Acceptance Points/Partner shops . Violation by the Acceptance points , to fail to comply with its obligation to cooperate, if Acceptance points  do not fulfill its obligations under this Agreement, if Acceptance points  do not acknowledge its liability in case of a manifest complaint, if the Issuer violates's reputation,  if Acceptance points  start or facilitate the creation of a competing company with the Issuer ,if the Acceptance points   violates the copyrights, business secrets, or behavior of the Issuer  or damages the Issuer directly or indirectly.

The Issuer undertakes to publish on its website ( and in its mobile application, in a clear, comprehensible manner, the details of each Trevinfo Acceptance points  that allows the Subscriber to list and accept them in a listable manner. The Subscriber shall only be entitled to use the discount published on the website ( and in the application, as described in the details of the coupon on the Acceptance points ’s data sheet.

4.1. Rights and obligations of Acceptance points

- Acceptance points  are required to enforce the contracted discount if the Subscriber has presented a coupon added to his / her own coupons on his / her mobile phone

- Acceptance points  has the right to refuse the coupon discount if there is a possibility of fraud, if the Subscriber is unable to present the valid coupon on his/her mobile phone

- For magisterial priced products - e.g. tobacco, medicine, ticket, mobile balance recharge, motorway vignette, newspaper - no obligation to give discount.

- The Acceptance points  must inform its employees and colleagues in detail at its own expense, about the method, duties, practical operation of the coupon acceptance in this GTC, the amount of the discount, the discount acceptance practice,

- Liability is charged in case of failure to provide the discount.

- Acceptance points  are required to provide a contact person and permanent availability so that the partnership can be continuously maintained.

- The Issuer undertakes to make available to the accepting party all trademarks, logos and any changes thereto in electronic form and on its website for the acceptance of the Trevinfo discounts.

- The Acceptance points  cannot unilaterally alter the amount of discount it provides,

- Acceptance points  of the discount takes place in the manner specified in the contract and on the data sheet published on the website.

Issuer and Acceptance points  must share any changes that affect their partnership (eg System downtime, logos, change of identity elements, availability or operational changes).

Issuer and Acceptance points  undertake to disclose all data and information they have knowledge to be business secrets, to treat them as confidential and not to be disclosed to third parties, nor transferred.

The Issuer may use the company name and logo provided by the Acceptance points  without restriction in connection with the promotion and sale of Trevinfo.

The Issuer shall not be liable if the Acceptance points  does not fulfill, does not accept the Subscriber's coupon or refuses to grant the discount. In addition, the Issuer shall not be liable for the content, advertisements, false or misleading information provided by the Acceptance points  on its own website.The Acceptance points  agrees that the Issuer may occasionally search for other promotions, marketing and promotional offers, but this shall not result in any prejudice to the legitimate interests of the Acceptance points  or unreasonable interference.

  1. Termination of contract

Contract terminated:

- By mutual consent

- Violation of any clause of this GTC

- Withdrawal of eligibility conditions

- In the case of a subscriber, the expiration date of the subscription.

In the event of termination, the parties are obliged to settle their claims against each other. The fees paid by the Subscriber cannot be recovered.

The Trevinfo employee or agent (salesperson) is authorized to act on behalf of the Issuer. The salesperson must prove himself to the company when concluding a contract.

The Issuer may store the data of the Subscriber for 1 year after the expiration of the subscription period, after which the data shall be deleted.

The Issuer reserves the right to change the Discounts or the amount of discounts, the Acceptance points , the Subscription Fee and the General Terms and Conditions (GTC), which shall be immediately notified by e-mail or The change will take effect from the date specified in the notification.

  1. Final provisions

The data of the Acceptance points  and all informations on the website ( may be handled and used only by Data management information can be found in the Data Management Policy. The Parties shall settle disputes between the Issuer and the Subscriber and Issuer and the Acceptance points  primarily through amicable settlement.

If this will not lead to arrangement  within 30 days, the Parties shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of the Issuer's domicile. In matters not regulated in this GTC, the relevant provisions of Act V of 2013 (Civil Code) and Hungarian Law shall prevail.

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